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Wellness Class

Have you ever wondered...

"When will my child sit, crawl or walk on his own?"

"How can my child be successful with tummy time?"

"The pediatrician tells me my baby is growing and developing normally, but what else I can do to help?"

"How can I help my baby’s brain grow through movement?"

Boost Babies Wellness Class offers:

  • 1-on-1 expert consultation with a Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Personalized attention for your child's developmental needs

  • Tailored exercise planning to promote wellness over the lifespan

  • Experience in the comfort of your home

Wellness classes are for parents and their baby to provide insight on the child’s growth and development from a skilled pediatric physical therapist.  The therapist will provide specific information, teaching typical age-level gross motor (movement) skills as well as what to expect during the next months of development. Families will learn specific skilled therapeutic exercises that can be performed throughout the day that may include positioning, exercises, holding techniques, and recommended toys.

Time: 60 min

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