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Dr. Carolyn Zuiker, PT, DPT: Owner of Boost Babies, LLC

Dr. Carolyn Zuiker, PT, DPT: Owner of Boost Babies, LLC

Dr. Carolyn Zuiker, PT, DPT is a Texas licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy serving the Austin metro area.


After years of working closely with children and families, Dr. Zuiker noticed concerning trends surrounding certain areas of pediatric health especially for typically developing children.  

These trends include:

  • Parents feeling rushed or flustered during pediatrician well check-ups, leaving families with unanswered questions

  • Parents using the internet as their only resource for help with child development questions including: "How long can I use a swaddle?" "What toys are best for my baby now?" "Is my baby old enough for a bouncer?" "When will my child walk?"

  • Insurance denials preventing children from receiving wellness or physical therapy services that they require

  • Delays in obtaining authorizations from insurance companies or physicians so the child is able to receive skilled physical therapy services in a timely manner

  • Delays in providers identifying and referring children early to a physical therapist to address developmental delays or musculoskeletal disorders such as Torticollis

Boost Babies, LLC is the solution!

How We Help:

Boost Babies offers parents personalized wellness classes focused on their child's specific movement skills like rolling over, sitting, crawling walking, or running.  These classes are 1-on-1 with a Doctor of Physical Therapy providing parents with the expert attention and knowledge they need.  These classes are child-focused and allow Mom and Dad to understand what they can do the help their children grow.  The best part is, we come to you!  Classes are provided in the comfort of the child's home.

We also offer skilled physical therapy sessions including evaluations and treatments in the home setting.  These visits are 1-on-1 and always with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. 

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Dr. Zuiker graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with high honors in 2004 with a B.S. in Kinesiology and is an Alderson Scholar recipient elected by UT College of Education.

She received her graduate degree as a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2007 from Washington University in St. Louis which was ranked as the top physical therapy school in the nation.


Practicing since 2007, Carolyn has worked in a variety of pediatric settings including hospitals, clinics, and homes.  She has treated pediatric patients with a variety of diagnoses including: congenital birth defects, prematurity, developmental delay, muscular dystrophy, autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, torticollis, and orthopedic injury.  She has participated in specialized patient care including standardized testing, gait training and analysis, wheelchair/walker evaluations, and Kinesio-taping.  

Dr. Zuiker is an expert in identifying and teaching age-appropriate gross motor skill development in infants and children and has developed educational lectures as clinical representative for doctors, case managers, therapists, and parents.  Since 2004, she has been an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and is a Pediatric Section Member.

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