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Smarter Solutions For Your Baby's Brain

The infant brain is plastic.  In the science world, "plastic" means that connections between nerves are changed and formed easily.  During these early months of life, the child’s brain needs to be exposed to specific movement skills that facilitate cognitive growth as well as specific cognitive skills that influence independent movement. Neuroscience and physical therapy have linked the impact of early movement, cognition, and brain development to influencing positive lifelong behaviors.  This connection directly translates to a child's success in school and in life. 

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Free, Free Falling

Today, let’s focus on sitting balance.

Typically, 50% of infants sit independently by 6 months old.  Independent sitting allows the child freedom to reach and play with toys, improves the visual field in order to observe the environment for learning, and builds core muscles against gravity to prepare for crawling, standing and walking.

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Torticollis...Say that 3 times fast! A quick FAQ

What's the Deal with Torticollis?

For such a strange medical term, this is one that is recognized pretty often in the parent/Mom/baby world. Here, I want to give you:

  • a simple definition of the condition
  • reasons why a physical therapist would treat this
  • things that a parent can look for that are associated with torticollis in infants
  • tips on prevention.
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